Course Learning Objectives:

After participating in this course, you will be able to:

  • Define collapse, resilience and acceptance.
  • Articulate your own understanding about the Great Unraveling and at what stage of awareness you are.
  • More freely navigate your emotional responses to collapse.
  • Name and put into practice several tools for inner resilience.
  • Describe and weigh out the benefits of localization for outer resilience.
  • Live in greater balance and harmony with all the spirits which create and support Life.
  • Identify with the benefits of Acceptance most pertinent to you and your life circumstances.

Course Outline:

Session 1: Intro / Overview / Community-Building

Session 2: Tools for Building Inner Resiliency

Session 3: The Great Unraveling (Collapse)

Session 4: Emotional Response to Collapse

Session 5: Adaptation

Session 6: Indigenous Wisdom and the Original Instructions

Session 7: Outer Resilience: Action through Localization & Community

Session 8: Acceptance

Session 9: Tying the Strands Together, Weaving New Fabric

For more information about the Course Syllabus and its guiding assumptions, click the PowerPoint presentation below: