The Course Developers

This course is a work of love and the culmination of a calling for us.

We believe that the collapse of industrial consumer civilization has been underway for many years now and is unstoppable. We do not pretend to know all that will be involved in its collapse, nor what our world and planet will look like post-collapse. In this uncertainty and “not knowing,” we believe that tools for experiencing and feeling our emotional responses, developing inner resiliency, cultivating inner and outer adaptation and resilience in the face of this predicament, returning to our original Instructions, and acceptance are core elements when facing collapse.

Each of us volunteered to collaborate on all the course’s core elements together. We have read, heard, and watched hundreds — maybe thousands — of hours of content to create the nine-session course.

We acknowledge that there may be theories, viewpoints, perspectives, and conclusions presented in the course that some or all of us do not hold, believe in, or practice. Ultimately, this course is a work in progress, much like ourselves. Therefore, we encourage participants to engage with the course and its content with a critical and discerning mind and heart, taking what resonates and leaving what does not.

Together, we embark on a path toward heightened resilience and acceptance in the face of collapse — an ongoing journey.

==Steve Aman, Doug Della Pietra, and Mary Gleason (Original Course Developers)

Steve Aman

Steve Aman is a retired farmer who continues to find amazing connection to the land and all that moves over and under the land. Recognizing the pain of watching many aspects of life and civilization unravel, he also came to realize that taking steps towards resilience and acceptance would be immensely beneficial to himself and others.

Doug Della Pietra

What we are seeing in society – things breaking down, falling apart, unraveling, failing, etc. – is all an external manifestation of our collective interior condition (consciousness). Doug believes that work of resilience and acceptance in the face of collapse is first the “work that reconnects” us with our large “s” Self, and then with others, more-than-humans and the earth.

Mary Gleason

Mary Gleason’s field work in Natural Resource Conservation and in facilitating workshops to help people process their grief over the unraveling of earth’s systems led her to the co-creation and facilitation of this course. She is part of a local group that meets regularly to explore resilience and acceptance.