Group / Organization NameDescription
Collapse Acceptance Alliance CollapseAcceptanceAlliance@gmail.comFostering a safe, supportive space to explore grief, embrace collapse acceptance benefits, and build community. Experience emotional and relational blessings through facilitated discussions by Val Christensen & Peter Melton.
Collapse Club B. hosts the Collapse Club video channel on YouTube. He and other conveners offer two meetings a week on Zoom for people to share their experience of collapse and their Journey of Collapse Acceptance.
Deep Adaptation Forum Deep Adaptation Forum (DAF) offers global support for climate crisis realities. Its mission is to foster loving responses amid societal collapse, with a focus on community building. Join their diverse community for creative collaboration and support. 
Safe Circle
Safe Circle offers companionship for Collapse-Aware individuals through weekly online video support calls. Created for people who enjoy the authentic presence of kindred spirits as we face our predicament-laden world together.
Post-Doom (Rev. Michael Dowd) and accepting widespread fears of climate chaos and societal collapse, Michael Dowd and guests discuss post-doom living, recognizing our predicament, addressing ecological overshoot, and exploring support resources.

A free audiobook version of Eye of the Storm is now available here. Thanks to Michael Dowd for recording the whole book and sharing it widely.  Click on the book image below to go to the book website to order or read a generous sample.